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Clearly delineated relationships

in your financial investments

Our business model is based on the classical triangular relationship in asset management: client, asset manager and custodian bank. You as the client conclude an asset management agreement with Skyline Trading AG and open a securities custodian account with a separate broker, which we manage with a power of attorney.

Client’s relationship with Skyline Trading AG

The initial step consists of jointly deciding on the investment ideas, your expectations and the funds due to be initially invested. This process is checked during various in-depth reviews and documented accordingly. Our client advisors also willingly take the time to explain the basic modus operandi of stock options. The initial discussion naturally also includes a disclosure of the fees.

The most important part of the client-provider collaboration is the asset management agreement and the associated power of attorney granted by the client. With these documents you authorise Skyline Trading AG to directly manage the investment funds and to execute your investment decisions.


Client’s relationship with broker

When the relationship with Skyline Trading AG commences a classical bank account and a securities deposit is opened in your name at a separate broker. As soon as this relationship has been established, you will be able to transfer your investment funds there. You receive account and custodian statements directly from the broker in which you are informed in detail about the performance of your investments.


Broker’s relationship with Skyline Trading AG

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we also maintain a contractual relationship with the broker. Based on the power of attorney described above, rights and duties between the broker and Skyline Trading AG also have to be regulated in detail. However, these arrangements only have a limited effect on you.


«With Skyline Trading, you know you have an independent and competent partner with sustainable investment solutions by your side.»

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